Welcome to KITAB’s application portal. All of our latest applications can be accessed through this site. You can use them to explore our many data sets, in particular our text reuse data. For guidance on how to use the different applications, please visit our visualisations page. As we are still refining our applications, we have yet to release many of them to the public, but we look forward to sharing them with you soon!

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The Corpus metadata application

Looking for a particular book to download in our corpus? Wanting to explore books by specific authors or in specific genres?

Search for books using the Corpus metadata search app.

Search our metadata

A text pair aligned through the diff viewer

The diff viewer

An application that allows you to see the differences between two related pieces of text. It is used primarily to read passim outputs, but it can be used with any two (relatively short) pieces of related text.

Use the diff viewer

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Coming soon...

Interested in exploring our other datasets? KITAB will be releasing more data and applications soon.

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