Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book

Studying the formation and development of the written Arabic tradition with digital methods

Search the OpenITI Corpus

The application allows you to search the entire Arabic OpenITI corpus and get access to complete texts via GitHub. Texts may be read in a web browser, but they are designed to be read with Editpad Pro, which can highlight their structural elements. Read more

Judging the differences between Arabic text versions mathematically

Researchers working on historical Arabic texts have long known about transmission practices that resulted in considerable differences between ostensibly the same works. Scholars transmitted to many students and sometimes over long time spans; Read more…

A First Look at KITAB’s Data

There are important caveats: we need to build a more representative corpus; the text reuse software that we use needs further optimization. Still, I would propose that we can already learn a lot. Read more…
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