Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book

Studying the formation and development of the written Arabic tradition with digital methods

A Tale of 3 "Versions"

Measuring variation in the early tradition

Gregor Schoeler has argued for the mixture of oral and written transmission in the early Arabic tradition. What does our text reuse data suggest? This blog, by Sarah Bowen Savant, focuses especially on the Muwaṭṭaʾ (“the well-trodden path”) of Imam Mālik b. Anas (d. 796). Read more

The Same, but Different

KITAB’s new data visualisation

Check out how KITAB detects and displays common passages between books and their differences. The case presented here involves two books by the same author and allows users to see what passages made it into both of his books. Read more…

Working with Partners

Development of OCR for Arabic

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will greatly enhance research as we can make our corpus more representative of the historic tradition. We have achieved accuracy ratings for OCR on printed texts in the high-90s and our OCR solution will be online for testing by the end of 2017. Read more…

erc aku log

KITAB is now funded by European Research Council (ERC) and the Aga Khan University

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