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Arabic Pasts Conference

The Arabic Pasts Conference, held in the new Aga Khan Centre in London on the 12th and 13th of October, was a success! Organized by Hugh Kennedy, James Mc Dougalls, Sarah Savant and Claire Savina, this exploratory workshop-conference was to reflect on methodologies,...

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A First Look at KITAB’s Data

The digital revolution is arriving rather late to Middle Eastern Studies, but it is coming fast. Now, we can see the written tradition at a distance with KITAB’s first dataset. Spoiler: it is hugely intertexual. There are important caveats: we need to...

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We are hiring

The Aga Khan University-ISMC is seeking three post-doctoral research fellows to work with an international and interdisciplinary group of investigators for the European Research Council-funded project, KITAB (Knowledge, Information Technology, and the...

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KITAB is welcoming a new member!

KITAB members are happy to welcome Claire Savina, our new Research Associate. Claire is a Comparative Literature and Arabic Studies researcher and is interested in Translation, Circulation and History of Texts, as well as World Literature and...

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