Sarah Bowen Savant

Principle Investigator of KITAB

Sarah Bowen Savant, Professor, AKU-ISMC, and Principle Investigator of KITAB. Professor Savant is a cultural historian specialising in the Middle East and Iran ca. 600-1500. Her work on KITAB is motivated by a desire to write a cultural history of the Arabic book using digital tools. Her publications include The New Muslims of Post-Conquest Iran: Tradition, Memory, and Conversion (Cambridge University Press, 2013; winner of the Said-Sirjani book award given by the International Society for Iranian Studies on behalf of the Persian Heritage Foundation); as editor (with Helena de Felipe), Genealogy and Knowledge in Muslim Societies: Understanding the Past (AKU-ISMC, Exploring Muslim Contexts/Edinburgh University Press, 2014); as translator (with Peter Webb), The Excellence of the Arabs. A Translation of Ibn Qutaybah’s Faḍl al-ʿArab wa l-tanbīh ʿalā ʿulūmihā (The Library of Arabic Literature/New York University Press, 2017); and numerous articles treating ethnic identity, cultural memory, genealogy, and history writing. She serves as president of Middle East Medievalists and as an ex-officio member of the editorial board of its online, open-access journal, Al-ʿUsur al-Wusta. She is also a board member of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, and a member of the editorial board of its journal, Iraq. In 2016-17, she was a mid-career fellow of the British Academy and a fellow at the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society. During that time she prepared much of her next book, based on KITAB’s data: A Cultural History of the Arabic Book (Leiden: Brill, 2019, expected). Updates on KITAB are regularly posted on her Twitter account

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