Ryan Muther

Ryan Muther is a PhD student in the Computer Science program at Northeastern University advised by Professor David Smith. He is interested in applying techniques from natural language processing to archival data to address questions in disciplines outside of computer science. Prior to joining the PhD program in 2016, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Union College in Computer Science and History. While working with David Smith, Ryan has worked on applying and improving text reuse analysis algorithms to a variety of domains, ranging from modeling editing in US Congressional bills to tracking the spread of news in a multilingual corpus of 19th centurynewspapers. His work with Congressional bills was written up as Charting the Changes: Modeling Edits in the Lawmaking Process and presented at the 2017 PoliInformatics workshop in Seattle, WA.For the Kitab project, Ryan is working on developing improved models of text reuse that will help the humanists on the team more easily find and understand how Ibn Ishaq’s work was reused and modified by later authors. In terms of broader goals, he would like to better understand how to integrate domain knowledge from experts to build better models of historical linguistic phenomena from archival data.

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