Razia Velji

Grant Manager

Razia Velji is the AKU-ISMC Grant Manager for KITAB with responsibility for administering the ERC grant and all other funding applications. She has been with the AKU-ISMC since its origins in 2003, and currently also oversees Academic Planning and Research Development for the Institute.  Prior to joining the AKU-ISMC, Razia previously worked for the University at its Institute for Educational Development (IED) in Pakistan. She has also worked on national development education initiatives in Canada and has managed, while at the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, a grant from the Canadian International Development Agency for programmes in education and agriculture in Tajikistan. She graduated from Harvard University in 2001 with a Masters in Education in Administration, Planning and Policy, specialising in International Education Policy. She holds a BA in English Literature and BEd from the University of British Columbia.

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