Peter Verkinderen

Peter Verkinderen is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at KITAB working on the central regions of the Islamic lands. He studied Classics and Arabic and Islamic studies at Ghent University. His PhD dissertation, also at Ghent University, was a reconstruction of the fluvial landscape of early Islamic Lower Mesopotamia, based on (mostly Arabic) texts, satellite imagery and data from archaeological and geological research. He has worked as the assistant director of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (2009-2014) and as a research fellow in the ERC project “The Early Islamic Empire at Work” (Hamburg University, 2014-2019), where he focussed on the position of Fārs (SW Iran) in the early Islamic empire. His main research interests lie with the historical and geographical literature on the early Islamic empire. In recent years, the development of digital tools for historical and philological research has become one of his main interests. He is currently also involved in IslamAtlas, a research project aimed at the study and digital edition of the geographical texts and maps usually attributed to al-Iṣṭakhrī and Ibn Ḥawqal.

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