Maxim Romanov

Senior Research Fellow

Maxim Romanov is a Universitätsassistent für Digital Humanities at the Institute for History, University of Vienna. His dissertation (Near Eastern Studies, U of Michigan, 2013) explored how modern computational techniques of text analysis can be applied to the study of premodern Arabic historical sources. In particular, he studied “The History of Islam” (Taʾrīḫ al-islām), the largest of surviving biographical collections with over 30,000 biographies, written by the Damascene scholar al-Ḏahabī (d. 1348 CE). Currently, he continues his study of this biographical collection (The History of Islam: An Essay in Digital Humanities), which will serve as methodological and infrastructural foundation for the study of all surviving Arabic biographical collections and chronicles. Additionally, besides KITAB, he is working on other foundational projects for the field of Arabic and Islamic studies, which include  the OpenITI (former OpenArabic), a machine-readable corpus of classical Arabic texts, and al-Ṯurayyā, a gazetteer of the classical Islamic world. For his personal website, click here.

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