Mathew Barber

Research Associate - Digital Sira Project

Mathew Barber is a PhD Candidate at the department of Middle Eastern Studies in the University of Edinburgh. His doctoral research (entitled: ‘Fatimid historiography and its survival. A case study of the vizierate of al-Yāzūrī (r. 442-450/1050-1058).’ analyses patterns of text reuse in the Egyptian historiography to shed light on lost Fatimid sources. He is interested more broadly in the representation of the Fatimids in Egyptian historical memory through the study of text reuse. Contemporary sources for the Fatimids are rare, especially for the eleventh and twelfth centuries, but later Egyptian historical writing on the Fatimids (especially the Mamluk historiography) is especially rich. As such, he is excited about the possibilities that digital humanities could bring to this field, providing insights into the composition of Egyptian historiography and potentially lost Fatimid texts and traditions.

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