Masoumeh Seydi

Digital Lead

Masoumeh Seydi is KITAB’s Digital Lead. While completing her PhD. at the Institute of Informatics, University of Leipzig, she has been working, since 2015, in a DH group, focusing on various computational methods  to retrieve, analyze, and visualize the geographical descriptions of premodern Arabic sources. She has been applying methods to annotate and extract various descriptive informations, such as route networks and hierarchical divisions of a pre-modern society, and introducing models and visualizations for the geographical entities, comparative view of different descriptions, locating unknown places based on the contextual information. She is involved in various projects, including al-Ṯurayyā, a gazetteer of the classical Islamic world, and Exploratorium which offers an exploratory insight into groups of individuals from the “History of Islām” (Taʾrīḫ al-islām) of al-Ḏahabī who share common ‘descriptors’.

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