Dr Maroussia Bednardkiewicz

Maroussia Bednarkiewicz obtained a BA in Russian and German from the University of Geneva and a Master in Translation from Geneva’s School of Translation and Interpretation. She worked during several years as a translator for different international and national organizations, law firms and small NGOs, specializing in legal and cultural translation. Besides, she translated books, exhibitions’ materials, websites and a documentary. While working as a freelance translator, she continued her education with an MA in Islamic Studies and History, and a Ph.D. in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. She specialized in Ḥadīth literature already during her master while investigating the chapter on nisbah or tribal affiliation in the Jamiʾ of Ibn Wahb.

During her doctorate, she analyzed numerous Ḥadīth narratives giving different and, at times, contradictory versions of the introduction of the Islamic call to prayer, the adhān. Combining close textual analysis, linguistic investigations and the latest scholarship in Islamic history with network visualization to produce data-dense graphs of relations, locations and times, she highlighted several layers of modifications and revealed how jurists and historians shaped the narratives to serve contemporaneous interests. She has grown increasingly interested in exploring computational analysis and graph visualization for the study of Ḥadīth literature as a whole.

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