Style guidelines for KITAB blog and other publications

In general, KITAB publications follow the style guidelines of Edinburgh University Press (available at, supplemented by the Oxford Style Manual.


  1. General principles
  2. Finer details

General principles:

He uses the phrase ‘he told us’.

Savant, ‘People vs. Books’, 2–3.

She said, ‘Show me the data.’

Finer details:



1. numbers

2. without parentheses


cats, dogs and mice

He cites his teachers, Dāwūd al-Ẓāhirī, and Aḥmad b. Ḥanbal.

Reference examples

(in bibliographies the name of the initial author is inverted):

Treatment and spelling of specific terms:


blog (a specific area of the website); blog posts (individual articles in that area)

c. for ‘circa’

csv file

Dash Bio

data set

EditPad Pro

file types: csv, xml, yml

folders: author folder, book subfolder


Hadith; plural either Hadith or Hadiths (‘X was an expert on Quran and Hadith and transmitted many Hadiths’)

hemistich: plural hemistichs or hemistiches

imam, imams

initials: spaced (C. E. Bosworth)

isnād, isnāds (‘s’ is not italicised)

Kitāb: next word capitalised, unless not a proper title (Kitāb al-Futūḥ, but kitābuhu fī al-taʾrīkh)




NgramReader+; the reader; Lite, Medium and Full versions

Optical Character Recognition, OCR, OCR’d, OCR’ing

passim (algorithm): capitalised only in titles or when starting a sentence

Power BI

predate, premodern (but: post-date, post-classical)

program (computer software); programme (conference agenda, etc.)

prophetic; the Prophet



regular expressions

reuse, reinvent, reappear

sg. for ‘singular’

Shāfiʿī (adj.)

Shamela/al-Maktaba al-Shāmila

shaykh, shaykhs

Shiʿi, Shiʿis

so-called: not followed by quotation marks

subgenre, subproject, subset

subjects and areas of research usually lowercased: natural language processing, Islamic studies, computer science/scientists (but: NLP, Digital Humanities)

Sunni, Sunnis

titles lowercased when not followed by name: postdoctoral research fellow, principal investigator (but: PI, Professor Savant)

tree map

Twelver Shiʿis

unique resource identifier, URI

xml files

yml files