Dr Gowaart Van Den Bossche

Gowaart Van Den Bossche studied History and Arabic and Islamic Studies at Ghent University and the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo. He obtained his PhD in history at Ghent University in January 2019 with a dissertation entitled “The Past, Panegyric, and the Performance of Penmanship: Sultanic Biography and Social Practice in Late Medieval Egypt and Syria”, a detailed textual analysis and contextualisation of six sultans’ biographies written by two authors from the early Mamluk period, Ibn ʿAbd al-Ẓāhir (d. 1293) and Shāfiʿ b. ʿAlī (d. 1330). He is generally interested in the narrative qualities of historiography and the ways in which authors made use of literary forms of expression in medieval Islamic written culture.

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