Claire Savina

Research Associate

Claire Savina is the Research Project Manager of KITAB, supported by the Aga Khan University.

She is managing the KITAB team, and particularly the construction of the KITAB Corpus.

Her interests in participating to KITAB (Digital Humanities and History) is to develop new tools and apply them to her personal research in Translation Studies and Comparative Literature.

After completing her Master in Comparative Literature and a 4 years degree of Arabic language, literature at the University of Sorbonne, and Culture, she is now finishing her PhD in Comparative Literature and Arabic Studies at the University of Sorbonne, supervised by Jean-Yves Masson and Frédéric Lagrange. Her dissertation, entitled « On a movement towards the Other and Antoine Berman’s expectative horizons: a crossed examination of literary translation from French into Arabic and from Arabic into French, in the 19th Century. », interrogates the relationship to the Other, through the crossed examination of literary translations made in the 19th Century, from French into Arabic, and from Arabic into French. It also tends to define translational concepts such as « self-exoticism », performative translation and « in-traduction » as well as to deconstruct, in a contextualized analysis, notions of translation, adaptation and rewriting, iqtibas and ihya’. She just completed a 2 years position as a research Associate at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford.

Claire’s research project was awarded, in 2012, a two years doctoral scholarship at the Institut Français du Proche-Orient, in Beirut, where she co-organized, with Peter Hill (University of Oxford) a multidisciplinary and trilingual research seminar on translations entitled “Ta‘rīb et taġrīb: Questions de traduction et de réécriture”. Over the Academic year 2015-2016, Claire Savina has designed and taught a Comparative Literature course entitled « Espace et cartographie urbaine dans la littérature arabe moderne », at the University of Sorbonne-Nouvelle. She also designed an online Arabic course for the University of Sorbonne. Claire co-organized and co-presided with Frédéric Lagrange, an International Conference, « Words of Desire, The Language of Arabic Erotica and its Translations », at the Institut du Monde Arabe and the University of Sorbonne, Paris, the 6th and 7th of May 2016. She is now co-editing of the bilingual volume Words of Desire (Forthcoming) as well as the second volume developed under the project “Translations and Circulations of Texts in the 19th Century Middle East”, undertaken by Marilyn Booth (University of Oxford) in 2015. Collaborative writing project where Academics are working by pairs on texts and translations in different languages, Translation and Circulation of texts from the Mediterranean to the Arabian Sea, Texts in practice  (Forthcoming) will hopefully lead to series of events and productions.

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