Welcome to KITAB’s blog! This is the space where we give air to ideas as they arise, share some of what we are finding with our digital methods, and pose and answer questions. The themes will generally be academic and we invite responses that inform and challenge. We view this as an informal and experimental space, where we can all take risks – as is far too rare in typical research. And we take inspiration from many Digital Humanists outside our own field.

Using the many to spot the few

At present, the OpenITI / KITAB corpus comprises 10,243 text files, 6,268 of which are unique titles.  Such a large, and growing, number of texts makes quality control challenging. But at the same time, it is precisely this large number of texts that can be the basis...

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A Token Frequency Counter For OpenITI Texts

One of the participants in our KITAB user group asked for an easy way to find out which are the most frequently used words in a text. There are quite a lot of online tools that allow you to upload a file (or provide a link to a web page) and will produce a nice table...

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OpenITI release 2021.1.4

The KITAB team has released a new version (2021.1.4) of the OpenITI corpus at Zenodo. The release is open access and freely available. It is our fourth release (first release in 2021) You can also access the release through our GitHub repository.  The release features...

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Al-Maktaba al-Shāmila: a short history

(This is the first blog post in a longer series of posts about the sources of OpenITI) Al-Maktaba al-Shāmila (“The comprehensive library”, often referred to simply as Shamela) is a free software that aims at providing a digital research environment for Islamic...

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